Tue 06 December 2016

Tablet Laptops Netbook Vs Laptop

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A tablet laptop is the next big thing in the world of computing. Many people are betting on the tablet laptops replacing conventional laptops. A tablet is a mobile computer integrated into a flat touch screen display. A tablet laptop does not have a physical keyboard or a mouse.

You also have a tablet laptop with a physical keyboard which can swivel away behind the screen and can be used when you need to type. The idea of a tablet PC was first envisioned by Alan Kay himself in form of the Dynabook. Microsoft made an attempt on creating a ground breaking windows tablet PC but were not met with much commercial success.

The company that really set the tablet laptop market on fire was Apple computers. Buoyed by the success of a phone without buttons in the form of the iPhone and from the lesson learnt in research and production they created the iPad. The iPad is by far one of the most popular tablet laptops and holds a huge market share.

The early tablet laptops featured a touch screen instead of a normal display. It was identical in form and shape to a conventional laptop. You had a full sized keyboard and could fold the tablet laptop. However the tablet laptop could fold an entire 360 degree. Which means you could swivel the keyboard out of the way and use a stylus to use the touch screen.

The operating systems used on them were either a modified version of windows or Linux. A key feature of modern tablet laptops is the absence of mouse and keyboard. They feature a touch interface with a virtual keyboard on which you can type. You just tap on icons you want instead of using a mouse to move the cursor. These tablet laptops also feature handwriting recognition. You could use a stylus to write on the screen just like you would write on paper.

Tablet laptops are of three types
• Slate – Slate tablet computers resemble a writing slate they do not feature a dedicated keyboard. For input the users use the hand writing recognition and on screen keyboard.

• Booklet – The booklet tablet have two touch screens and fold like a booklet or a cooling pad that doubles as a laptop cooler. They can be used like diaries and personal planners.

• Convertible – These tablet computer most resemble conventional laptops the have a full size keyboard and a screen that is joined to keyboard with a single joint and can be rotated 180 degrees as well as folded down on the keyboard.

Tablet laptops are clearly the future of computers with windows 8 operating system being built specifically to target touchscreen tablet laptops.